Principal – Mala Pandurang

Nodal Officer – Shahajahan Khan

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Contact: 9867997415

Member – Vinaya Vaishampayan


  •  Approach Grievance Cell Members
  • Fill in the application form and submit
  • Cell shall fix date for hearing the complaint.
  • Results of the meeting to be communicated to the student and can be accessed on the portal.

Student Grievance Redressal Cell  Portal available on the college website:
Minutes of Meeting Grievance Redressal Cell
 The Grievance Committee Meeting was conducted on 25th September 2019 at 10:30 in the Principal’s cabin. The following members were present:-

  1. Dr. Bharat Pathak – Hon. Secretary, Seva Mandal Education Society
  2. Dr. Mala Pandurang – Principal of college
  3. Mrs. Vinaya Vaishampayan –Co-ordinator, Nutrition of Dietetics.
  4. Mr. Shahajahan Khan – Programme Co-ordinator, Bachelor of Computer Applications.
  5. Mr. Pravin Chalke – Office Superintendent
  6. Student Representative.
  1. Purva Sawant- Representative, Students’ Council, TYFSN
  2. Sakina Khan –Students’ Representative, Department of Computer Applications, TYBCA.

Agenda 1  confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 25th October 2018

The minutes of the meeting held on 25th October 2018 were sent to the members earlier and the same was confirmed

Agenda 2 –

Matters arising from the meeting

 Responses received from the Suggestions Box:-

Principal Dr. Mala Pandurang informed the committee that the College Counselor was responsible for opening the Suggestion Box on a regular basis and bringing the responses to the attention of the Principal and the Grievance Committee. Suggestions received this time are as follows:-




Students’ Grievance Committee’s Suggestion for action to be taken
1 Mosquitoes as an issue in labs and corridors It was decided that labs and corridors should have required pest control
2 Washrooms on the 6th floor are dirty It was  decided that Mr. Vilas Sawant (Office) shall be told to instruct the Maushis to clean the toilet in the evening itself.


3 Railway concessions:-  Students are required to buy a 3 monthly pass (July, August, Sept.) which means they are compelled to buy tickets for the months of October, November and December when there are more holidays in October, November and December as no facility for one month pass is available


The Principal informed the committee that the institution had written to the Railways, but as of now only concession forms for 3 months pass was available.


Regarding all the above suggestions received from students through Suggestion Box, Dr. Bharat Pathak, Hon. Secretary suggested that immediate action (in a maximum of 7 days) must be taken.


Student’s Representative Responses

Student Representative, Ms. Purva Sawant reported that though canteen facilities on campus had considerably improved there could be more healthy choices of food offered. She also said that hygiene is better, but can be improved further. Dr.Bharat Pathak suggested that suggestions related to canteen must be given in writing to the Canteen Committee which in turn must follow up and give the action taken for all canteen related issues.

 Principal Dr. Mala Pandurang suggested that students from the Nutrition Department could take up the issue by providing healthy choices in the canteen.

Dr. Bharat Pathak suggested that, students should be made aware of the choice of healthy food and must also spread awareness about the same. This can also be taken up by the Students Committee.

Agenda 3:- Other suggestions / Actions to improve facilities.

It was decided by the committee to create a Maintenance Register, which shall be placed in the office. Any person on campus shall report Maintenance Issues that require attention in the Register. Similarly after solving the issue, the non-teaching staff should report on action taken with the date. Information that such a register has been created must be shared via a notice to all stake-holders.

Principal Dr. Mala Pandurang also suggested that 2 students from Second Year  B.Sc. and BCA and 2 from First Year M.Sc. could be included in the committee from the next meeting so that the student representation could be part of the committee for longer time and help us to contribute more effectively.

Minutes of meeting