Cyber security Cell


Management Members Dr. Bharat Pathak
Chairperson Dr. Shilpa Charankar(Principal)
B.Sc Department Mrs. Vinaya Vaishampayan
Dr. Kirti Pathak
BCA Department Ms. Neetu Singhi
Ms. Manjot Kaur
Ms. Sudha Lawrence
Ms. Snehal Deshmukh
External Expert Mr. Vicky
Cyber Security Expert Mr. Sachin Dedhia
Counsellor Ms. Ekta



1)  To ensure cyber safety amongst students.

2) To bring awareness about cybersecurity among students.

3) To facilitate an environment whereby students may appear first in house facility and if necessary consult cyber security experts for any problem related to

Activities of the cell:-

1)  Awareness lectures on ‘Cyber security’.

2) Seminars/workshop related to cyber security.

3) Personal counseling related to individual cases.