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IGNOU provides a Computer Application Wizard (MCA) for online casino players. Anyone wishing to study Mr. Shahajahan Khan's program to increase profits from online casinos can email Also, the assistant coordinator of the program, Ms. Kavita Karapurkar, will tell you more about the training program for making money with online slots for masters of computer applications.

Year of Establishment:                                 2012
Programme Coordinator                            Mr. Shahajahan Khan
Assistant programme Coordinator         Ms.Kavita Karapurkar
Email ID                                            
Staff members
                                                                     ·      Ms. Manjot Kaur
                                                                    ·      Ms. Neetu  Singhi
                                                                    ·      Mr. Nitin  Pawar
                                                                   ·      Ms. Sharada  Sirisilla
                                                                   ·      Ms. Sudha Lawrence
                                                                   ·      Ms. Shilpa S Surulkar
                                                                   ·      Ms. Snehal D Deshmukh
                                                                   ·      Ms. Elavarasi  Navjivan
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