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Event Management

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Basics of Event Management
Brief Description Event management is an emerging area where students are being employed for planning, managing and co coordinating all type of events, the introductory course will provide the students the practical skills and knowledge required to successfully plan events, to use right approaches and techniques to make an event successful.
Eligibility Graduate from any specialization
OBJECTIVES: The course will enable the students to:
  1. Be aware of event management as a profession.
  2. Gain basic knowledge about establishing and managing an event.
  3. Understand and develop soft skills that would help in event management
Module Objectives Content
1 The students will develop: An understanding of the roles & responsibilities of Event Management Introduction to Event Management
  • Unit 1: Concept, characteristics, functions, types, range of activities of Events.
  • Unit 2: process of event planning
  • Unit 3: Trends and types of events
2 The students will understand: The importance of communication for leadership & decision making. Communication and leadership development.
  • Unit 1: Principles of good confidence, communication, motivation , Decision making, participation and co operation
  • Unit 2: Body language and presentation skills.
3 The students will acquire competencies to: Plan a proposal on management of an event Event Planning Project:
  • Unit 1: Identifying needs of the event
  • Unit 2: observation of different types of events through visits
  • Unit 3: Planning and developing resources
  • Unit 4: Event surveys. interviews, networking
  • Unit 5: Planning and implementation of events
4 The students will get practical experience through participation in different type of events Event participation
  • Unit 1: participation in an event organized by an organization/company.
  • Unit 2: presentation of report and feed back
Learning outcomes:
  1. Students will become familiar with the key concepts of managing an event
  2. Learn and understand various aspects of events and types of events
  3. Participation in national and international level seminars/workshops
  4. Understand the skills and challenges faced in managing an event
Evaluation Internal - Assignment and Presentations and field visits 100 Marks
  1. Sharma Sangita personality Development and soft skills, Bio Green publications 2017
  2. Sharma, Sandeep Event Planning and Management, Aadi Publications New Delhi, 2011
  3. Kale N.G and Ahmed M.A, Marketing Management Vipul Prakashan New Delhi,June 2009
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