Top 5 Career options after 12th

When it comes to career options after passing 12th, there are a variety of choices that you can decide on provided you scored good marks in class XII. While some of you might take up academics to build your career in the scholastic self-discipline, others might love to experiment with vocational courses after organizing through a variety of career alternatives. Career options after 12th include technical courses like engineering and architecture.

It is essential that students select a suitable stream in class 12 to ensure that they are able to be a part of the career of their choice after they complete the 12th grade. Very often students don't know what career they want to take up and hence they select a wrong stream in school. It is better to talk to a career consultant before deciding on the subjects you take up in university.

Here are the 5 most well-known career routes being taken by 12th pass students today. This is an excellent place to get you thinking what might suit you.

1. Business Administration

Certainly not a new entry into the list of the most famous degrees, entry is still in popular demand. This is for a simple reason as having a degree in business administration gives you a strong base on which to build your career. A lot of students keep on going through with their education to get an MBA, but even without it, you can find a great starting salary of $50 or $55,000 with the right gig.

2. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice has an extensive variety of prospective career paths; from law enforcement to government departments to becoming a legal professional and on down the line. Starting salaries often end up in the median range of $40k, and the excellent selection of potential specializations makes this one of the more well-known Bachelor’s degrees today.

3. Psychology

This has always been one of the most famous degrees, and it's not going anywhere in the near future either. Whether you want to teach, you want to research, you want to be a practising psychologist or you have something else in mind, it all begins with this Bachelor's program. Starting salary can be upwards of $45,000 even without a master or doctorate.

4. Nursing

Nursing offers an excellent mixture of a rewarding and important career, with a career that has excellent job opportunities and that will pays well. It's most significant growth areas right now, and it has been going up the list of the most popular Bachelor’s degrees. Starting salaries have a wide range but are often at about $45,000.

5. K-12 Education

Education programs are excellent because you get hands-on experience with teaching and with learning how to connect with students and kids of every age group. You'll be fully prepared to enter the world of teaching, from developing lesson plans to grading and controlling your students effectively. The $30k starting salary e might not seem excellent, but the hours and the starting salary.

These are the five most well-known career paths for students after 12th at the moment.

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