Anti Ragging Committee


Committee constituted as per the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court of India dated May 16th 2007 and UGC Regulations to Curb the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009:

Head : Prof. Mala Pandurang (Principal)
Representative of the Police : Mr. Suresh Walishetty, Director (General Administration)
Representative of the Local Media : Ms. Meena R. Prashant (Twin City Times, Navi Mumbai)
Representative of NGO : Prof. Harshaben Parekh (Bombay Community Public Trust)
Faculty Members : Mr. Shahajahan Khan, Mrs. Vinaya Vaishampayan, Mrs. Alka Pant, Mrs. Anuradha Shekhar, and Dr. Kirti Pathak


• Mr. Shahajahan Khan (Coordinator, Department of Computer Applications)
• Mrs. Vinaya Vaishampayan (In-charge, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics)
• Mrs. Alka Pant (Associate Professor, Department of Human Development)
• Mrs. Anita Bairisetty (Administrative Staff)
Every year selected Parent and students are invited as a part of Committee

Minutes of the Meeting Anti- Ragging Squad

The Following Members were present-

Faculty Members-
Mr. Shahajahan Khan
Ms. Vinaya Vaishampayan
Mrs. Alka Pant

Parent representative-
Mr. Rajanikant Prabhkar Rassay

Student Representatives
Ms. Charmi Thaker – Home Science
Ms. Surabhi Nair- Bachelor of Computer Applications

The committee met on 25th September 2019 in the Staff room. Agenda-
1. To examine the awareness measures to sensitize students about Zero Tolerance Policy against ragging of the institution.
2. To report the specific measures taken up in the institution to create awareness regarding the consequences of ragging and the need to deter any such incident.
Committee members reported the following measures that are taken to sensitize students to Zero Tolerance Policy against ragging in the institution-
• All the FYBSc students were informed about this policy at the induction program organised at the beginning of the year.
• All the FYBSc students of the college are required to fill and submit an affidavit stating that they will not participate in any activity related to ragging on campus. It is signed by the student and parent and submitted to college office.
Mr. Shahajahan Khan, Programme Coordinator, BCA reported that all required formalities were already completed by BCA students. First Year Home Science students were in the process of submitting the affidavits.
• Every year all Second-Year students organise a Fresher’s Meet for the new students (First Year) to help them become an integral part of the college and forge new friendships.
• Information regarding anti- raging committee, its members is displayed on notice boards in case of any student requiring assistance.
• College has mentoring process in place, for all students who can meet their mentors regarding any issue.
• College Counsellor is available to all students’ full time on campus on the 6th floor of the building.
• It was suggested to the student body that they take up a project whereby a short street play regarding ill effects of ragging and also punishments for offenders was highlighted and that such a play would be video graphed and shown to all classes.
• Student volunteers readily agreed to take up this activity and thereby create a CD of the street play which could then be shown to all classes on campus.
• No specific incidents of ragging were reported.

Videos regarding ragging:

Minutes of meeting